It is increasingly evident that EB-5 investors investing in Regional Centers need to conduct financial due diligence on the project and its Regional Center. As the EB-5 program faces more criticism for using disproportionate funding in affluent areas, the Securities and Exchange Commission has become increasingly involved in investigating misspent funds.

This year alone the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has filed five EB-5 fraud cases, which is more than it filed in 2013 and 2014 combined. The latest lawsuit was filed against Yang and Kano along with their business, Suncor Care Inc. for allegedly diverting $10 million from investors in China for personal and other uses.

As the Securities and Exchange Commission states in bold, “Carefully vet any EB-5 offering before investing your money and your hope of becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States.” Trow & Rahal has the experience and expertise to help investors successfully navigate the EB-5 program.

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