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What Do the Presidential Front-Runners Think?

Immigration has been a major subject of debate among politicians for decades. As a result, comprehensive immigration reform has been a pipe dream. As the election cycle plays out, Democrats and Republicans have become so polarized on this issue that it is nearly impossible to predict the likelihood of any reform.

According to a variety of […]

A New Trend: Executives Responsible for North America Region – Unintended Visa Consequences

Our CFO in Canada just got denied entry to the U.S.  What do we do?  This is a call that we seem to be getting more frequently from our Canadian corporate clients.   We have seen a recent trend where Canadian companies with U.S. operations reorganize and appoint C-level positions and executive positions responsible for the […]

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EB-5 Due Diligence is a Must

It is increasingly evident that EB-5 investors investing in Regional Centers need to conduct financial due diligence on the project and its Regional Center. As the EB-5 program faces more criticism for using disproportionate funding in affluent areas, the Securities and Exchange Commission has become increasingly involved in investigating misspent funds.

This year alone the United […]

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Is uncertainty surrounding staying in the United States driving away highly educated foreign nationals?

An increasing number of foreign graduates from U.S. universities are electing to return to their home countries or elsewhere after completing their studies. These students have the potential to make great contributions in their relative STEM fields, but many do not want to face the uncertainty of obtaining an H-1B visa.

Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at […]

Sharing Immigration Ideals and Human Capital with our Canadian Friends

Many people in the U.S. take for granted the ability to travel freely to Canada. Those who do are often visitors for a week or less, going up to Montreal for Parisian style site-seeing, traveling to Manitoba to see polar bears in Churchill, or marveling at the beauty of Vancouver’s coast and mountain range. Polar […]

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L-1 Denied by USCIS? Don’t give up!

A denial by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for an L-1 visa petition is not the end of the journey for transferring a valuable manager or specialized knowledge employee to the United States. The L-1 visa has been a vital tool for multinational companies seeking to transfer managers and specialized knowledge employees from overseas offices to […]

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To Blanket or Not To Blanket, That Is The (L-1) Question

L-1 nonimmigrant visa status is a great tool for multinational companies seeking to transfer executives, managers, and highly specialized employees from overseas offices to the U.S. The L-1 has come under heavy scrutiny in the past decade with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), leaving many U.S. employers frustrated, and seeking faster, more efficient option […]

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F-1 Student Visas and the Slippery Slope of an H-1B Visa Rejection

Filing an H-1B visa petition this April meant that petitioners had about a 50% chance of being selected. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received approximately 172,500 H-1B petitions during the filing period this year; there are only a total of 65,000 general category cap slots and 20,000 cap slots for those with U.S. […]

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Student Visas, PART 5: H-1B “Cap Gap” Protection

What happens when an F-1 student is working pursuant to optional practice training (OPT) and it expires while a cap-subject H-1B visa petition is pending and before the approved H-1B start date of October 1?

The H-1B Cap: Congress has allocated 65,000 H-1B visa numbers available every fiscal year. It has also allocated an additional 20,000 […]

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DHS Comes Knocking – How to Prepare For L-1 Site Visits

Employers with foreign national employees working in L-1 visa status should prepare for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) site visits. The purpose of these site visits is to pursue and deter immigration fraud, and also ensure that immigration benefits are not granted to foreign nationals who might threaten U.S. national security. Last October we blogged about […]

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