Temporary and Permanent (Green Cards) Visa Options for Athletes and Entertainers

Our goal is to minimize immigration worries for athletes and entertainers so you can focus on perfecting your talent.

Trow & Rahal’s expertise in providing immigration and visa services to athletes and entertainers ranges from ballet professionals to world championship triathletes, from equestrians to professional sports car racing, and from wind surfing to tennis players. We assist athletes and entertainers with obtaining temporary visas to come to the U.S. to train, compete, and perform, and also to obtain permanent resident (“green card”) status.

Athletes and Entertainers find themselves having unique visa challenges when traveling and competing in the United States. Trow & Rahal have worked with athletes and entertainers for more than 20 years in obtaining the proper visas and green cards for their specific immigration needs. For rising stars as well as professional athletes and entertainers that compete or perform in the international arena, relocation and travel are a way of life. When your competition or performances bring you to the United States, we strategize to find the best option for your temporary status or U.S. permanent residence and coordinate the timing with your performance or competition schedule.  If you are an athlete or entertainer and want to train and live in the United States, we can assist in obtaining the appropriate temporary or permanent U.S. visa status for you.

Nonimmigrant (Temporary) Visas

We prepare and file nonimmigrant temporary visas for athletes and entertainers so that you can train, perform, or compete in the United States. There are a number of visa options available.

O-1 Visas are nonimmigrant temporary visas for athletes and entertainers who are recognized to have extraordinary ability or achievement in their field. Trow & Rahal help our athlete and entertainer clients obtain these nonimmigrant temporary visas for their travel needs.

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Immigrant Visa ( Permanent Resident / Green Card)

Trow & Rahal assist athletes and entertainers in obtaining green cards under the “PERM” Program and based on “Extraordinary Ability.”

EB-1a Visas are permanent resident, green card status visas that are given to athletes and entertainers who have extraordinary ability. Trow & Rahal help our athlete and entertainer clients obtain these permanent, green card, visas for their travel needs.

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